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Desalination Projects Financing 

Desalination Projects’ Financing

Establishing and co-ordinating a project finance facility requires a serious investment of time and planning. There are a wide range of issues to consider including hedging, structuring, covenants and debt servicing ratios not to mention the co-ordination and management of multiple parties. All these factors place a significant time demand upon senior management, who are also ensuring the project is advancing on schedule.

At we can offer a full project management solution to the raising of project finance. Alternatively, we can also assist with specific project finance issues on an ad-hoc basis. As part of the project finance process we can provide our clients with:

  • Initial debt sizing and capital structure appraisals;

  • A lender-friendly financial model;

  • An unrivalled network of domestic and international lenders;

  • Co-ordinating and communicating with multiple lending groups throughout negotiations, due diligence and site trips.

Our extensive experience in debt markets, allows our clients to benefit from our expertise gained over many years of structuring, arranging and executing project finance transactions. We can also provide a single reference point for our clients which enables senior management to focus on the core activities of project development and construction.

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Our team of project financing experts supports public and private-sector decision-makers in Central and Eastern Europe in the development and implementation of essential infrastructure and energy projects that contribute to the modernisation of economies and to a more favourable economic environment for local businesses.

Our extensive experience in project finance combined with our strong network of local banks throughout the world gives you a decisive advantage.

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